Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry shopping bag

I couldn't resist this strawberry fabric at the shop. It has such a great summer feel. (click at the picture to see the fabric close)

Yesterday I made this simply shoppingbag with the fabric.
Today I used it.
I always use these kind of simply fabric shopping bags. It saves plastic and they are very good-looking don't you think?

Yes!! Off course I had to buy strawberries :-)


Monday, June 07, 2010

Tile quilt

A few weeks ago this book came in at the shop. Tile Quilt Revival by Carol Jones and Bobbi Finley I was immediately inspired by the antique quilts in the book.

Love this version. It is a kind of story-tell quilt and great way to use novelty fabrics.

I had to try one block to see if I like it. It is something out of my comfort zone to make.
I love it that it is so easy to use scraps in this block. It was really fun to make, but it is very busy looking ... it is very crowded on the piece of cotton :-) Think I have to make a few more blocks to see if I like it and if I want to make a whole tile quilt. In the meantime I keep looking at these quilts, I am really intrigued with these quilts.