Sunday, August 28, 2011


Through the years I found out that knitting dishclothes is a perfect vacation project. Every vacation I bring with me a lot of different hand craft projects but once I start knitting a dishcloth I keep going on making them.

I love the progress of it. It's fast, I can watch tv, join in every conversation, answer questions from my kids and it is easy to take it with me.

I Love to see it grow.

Through the years I always come back to this pattern. It's a basket weave.

I also found out that I like cotton from Sugar'n Cream worsted weight best.

Only I'm not a very neat knitter. No problem, once you washed and dried the dischloth in the dryer it shrinks a bit, the stitches comes together and ta dah... it looks so much better. Isn't that great!

My children ask me what I'm going to do with all the dishcloths??
Well as soon as they are flying out of our nest they get a pile to take with them ;-) You can't have enough of homemade dishcloths from m0m don't you agree?

On our trips to the US I'm always searching for a color which I don't have.

It is nice to have every day a clean dishcloth on my sink.



Doniene said...


Wonderful little dishcloths and such a rewarding project. The kids will enjoy them!!! I'm determined to learn to knit, but just haven't gotten to it!!


Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good project to take along on trips. It is true that you cannot have too many homemade dishcloths from mom. My mom has supplied me with them for years. It just might be time for me to start making my own.
Your colors are lovely.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Oh I love seeing this!! And in the last picture, I know that is YOUR sink, because I have stood there and done dishes with you....great memories!

My mom didn't knit them, but she crocheted them, from the same cotton yarn, and they hold up well and remind me of her too.


Leeanne said...

What lovely dishcloths.

Ann said...

Very pretty dishcloths Lucy.

Kathie said...

very pretty Lucy
I love the pattern
do you need any more yarn? tell me the brand and colors you want I am happy to send you a few :)

ineke said...

Hoi Lucy, kom gauw een keertje langs om ze in het echt te zien. Leuk weer wat van je te lezen.groetjes ineke

cindyquiltsOR said...

Oh, I really understand being able to knit and do other tasks. I have been making shawls for the Senior Center, using the basket weave pattern as well.

I make scarves for the Veterans Hospital and have started them as well.

I am another who loves the same yarn you are using. I have bought the 1# cones and crocheted a table cloth. Use a doily pattern, Red Heart has free patterns.

Best Wishes!
Cindy B.

thistle handmade said...

Love the picture of all the colorful dishcloths stacked and ready for use. I'll definitely have to try making a few in the pretty basket weave design.

So happy to see a new post by the way! I'm a big fan of your blog and all the lovely creations featured.

Katherine @ thistle handmade

Janne said...

Your pictures are lovely. Although I don't quilt, I do knit all the time. I was a professional photographer in years past, and still carry my camera with me everywhere.

Marga (MarPie) said...

Hey Lucy, leuk zijn ze mag ik het patroontje van je alstublieft ga ik het ook eens proberen. Als je ze nou wat groter (want hoe groot zijn deze) maakt dan heb je toch een mooi handdoekje voor op het toilet toch?
blij weer wat van je te lezen.

Ann in Texas said...

Do you mind posting what the pattern is? or giving a link? I just started knitting dishclothes (though am also a quilter). You are right, such great vacation projects.

I would like to make the one you show.

Thank you, Ann in Texas

Ik ben Esther said...

Geweldig!!Ik wil er ook graag een paar maken voor m'n aanrecht.Heb je ook een patroon hiervan,
ook al is het een jaartje geleden dat je dit schreef?