Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today I finished my cowl, thanks to Lalalizie’s instructions. The wool isn’t as thick as Lizzie recommended but I think it works.
It was a very fast project. It will be nice to wear in autumn when the days are getting colder and stormy like today.


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Stripeyspots said...

The cowl is lovely and the colour... so beautifully pink!

Doniene said...

Lovely!! You do beautiful work!

Marga (MarPie) said...

Leuk is ze geworden, heb jij ook twee bollen gebruikt?


Janet said...

Love the cowl! Any chance you would send me the instructions?

Take care,

Kathie said...

very pretty....
will you make it in other colors as well?

Ann said...

Very nice, beautiful shade of pink.

thea said...

Love the cowl .. I confess that I initially thought the title of your post was "cow!" and I kept looking for the cow on your post ..

letrecivette said...

I find only now your blog..it's a very nice space!
Nice to meet you!I love your creation and nice pics!
Have a great day!

Hannah Lee said...

Is there anyway you can link to or provide instructions for this in English?!

Lalalizzie said...

Hé wat leuk om te zien! Mooie kleur heb je gekozen.
Ik heb van dezelfde blogster de vraag gekregen om mijn instructies in het engels om te zetten. Heb er zelf nog niet de tijd voor gehad, maar als jij het ziet zitten om te vertalen: doe maar gerust!
Veel groetjes,