Friday, April 15, 2011


Applique is my favorite technique! I love machine piecing, I love to sew pieces together by hand, love handquilting, knitting, cross- stitching (and I think rug hooking, if I knew how to do it)….. but when I pick up an appliqué project it feels like I’m ‘coming home'.

I also love tulips. Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch. I don’t know… Yesterday I was digging in my unfinished projects, especially my appliqué projects and I didn’t realize that I started so many tulip quilts/ blocks.

I just finished my tulip tile block.

This is a part of a big four block appliqué I hope to finish one day...

A block I made inspired by an antique quilt I found on the internet.

Another block. Inspired by an antique quilt on ebay. I also made it with printed fabrics to see what I like..

A tulip block on point.

Another four block I'm making....

and pfew, I also have finished quilts with tulips!

I want to end this post with my favorite quilt I made till so far!

(Who didn't show you all tulip quilts ideas I want to make in my lifetime, otherwise this post would be way toooo long)

Monday, April 04, 2011

Blooming flower

I made this mini awhile ago. I'm happy that Quiltmania published it in their Spring 2011 Issue. I Love the red fabric which I used for the flower and binding. It is a fabric from an older line, very hard to find. Thank you Patti for sending me a big piece. I’m so happy with it.
This mini would be also nice in more folk-art fabrics because the size of the stem and the shape of the flower buds are a bit bold, don’t you think?


size: 45 cm x 53 cm (18 x 21 inch)
batting: 100% cotton tuscany
hand pieced
hand quilted

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Cross- stitch

Sometimes I like to do a little cross-stitch project. This time I made a little present for a friend. Years ago I found a book from I think late 60's about the history of cross stitch samplers and it is included with some patterns. Merklappen by G.E. Boone-Stolp It's a really nice book.

I choose to make a nice flower basket.

I wanted to make a pincushion but it became bigger then I thought. (I'm not an experienced cross- stitcher ;-). After finishingit I aged it with coffee dye I left it open and send it to my friend Kathie and let her choose to fill it with lavender or to make a pincushion of it.