Sunday, August 28, 2011


Through the years I found out that knitting dishclothes is a perfect vacation project. Every vacation I bring with me a lot of different hand craft projects but once I start knitting a dishcloth I keep going on making them.

I love the progress of it. It's fast, I can watch tv, join in every conversation, answer questions from my kids and it is easy to take it with me.

I Love to see it grow.

Through the years I always come back to this pattern. It's a basket weave.

I also found out that I like cotton from Sugar'n Cream worsted weight best.

Only I'm not a very neat knitter. No problem, once you washed and dried the dischloth in the dryer it shrinks a bit, the stitches comes together and ta dah... it looks so much better. Isn't that great!

My children ask me what I'm going to do with all the dishcloths??
Well as soon as they are flying out of our nest they get a pile to take with them ;-) You can't have enough of homemade dishcloths from m0m don't you agree?

On our trips to the US I'm always searching for a color which I don't have.

It is nice to have every day a clean dishcloth on my sink.