Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Inspired by an antique doll quilt

After weeks of recovering Ihave a bit of my spirit back to make a little quilt.
One of my favourite quilt books is Childhood Treasures by Merikay Waldvogel.
You can find lot of very cute doll quilts in it. Actually every quilt in
this book is an inspiration. Kathie has already reproduced a few of the
doll quilts. Take a peek at her blog and you will be amazed!

I made this block maybe a year ago inspired by an antique quilt I found on the web. ( don't remember exactly where). I wanted to use it for this center. It is not my intention to reproduce this quilt exactly. I just want to achieve the same feel.

It’s is so good to play with my fabrics again, searching for the right piece, to feel them, and cut them into the right size is just fun!

Love the sound of my purring baby..

This looks nice..

and then OOPS.. wrong size. Why was I thinking that 6 x 7 = 45 ??????

Ok, I could cut them smaller with the correct math. Only then it doesn't have the look what I want.

I’m sidetracked: Who made this little heart on my pincushion for me :-) ?

Back to my doll quilt. I hear Gwen saying if it is to short add a piece, if it is too long cut it off. I love this quote, it makes everything so much easier. So this time I add a little. Thanks Gwen :-). Top is finished. Now the backing.

Every time when I clean up my stash in my closet I have the intention to keep it that way. Seriously I do!!!! But somehow it doesn't happen. I have too much fabric and little space to store it. How do I find a nice backing in this closet?

Ahh found.
Ahhh too short..

I offer this beautiful red piece for the backing. To me it is hard to use a nice red for the backing. I want to use them for the front. I love red. I need to find one more piece .

Back to my closet. It’s really hard to dig through the fabrics.. Need to clean up this soon.

I putt my hand in a pile and this came out. HUH bears.

Hé you cutie..Yep, nothing for me but I'm going to fill the last space with this fabric.

Nice cup of tea..
I’m sidetracked by this quilt on the other page of the book. Beautiful border!

Backing is finished. Ready to baste top, batting and backing together.

Basting pieces of an old fabric on the border so the quilt fits in the hoop.

I’m going to quilt the center with a clamshell pattern. Easy to draw and easy to quilt.

What’s left is a nice color of quilting thread.

Let's go quilting!