Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A coat and a bag

You have an old woolen coat (which is now way too big since you lost weight ;-)
But the fabric is so beautiful, what to do..

Yes, some cut,cut, snip,snip, measure, sew and...

Ta daaahhh, there it is! A bag which you take with you to work, groceries, fabric shopping, yarn shopping. Or you can carry your knitting-, crochet- or quilt projects with you. In other words you can use it for everything :-)


Friday, January 27, 2012


The binding is on and this doll quilt is done :-)


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Ai, I have a quilt blog and now I'm into crocheting :-)

I taught my daughter how to crochet....

I made these key ring ducks in different colors since everyone likes it and would love to have one by me..

I bought some lovely yarn. (believe me being in a yarn shop is the same as being in a quilt shop I'm drooling over the yarn, at the colors and the feel of it. I want to buy everything *sigh* I wish I wasn't that crafty and want to do it all!)

Well I choose a 100% alpaca wool from drops in a natural color. It feels so soft.
I want to make a small lap size blanket of it.
I will use this pattern. (click) For my english readers click here.

Though.. I'm not experienced with crocheting and there is a difference in the pattern and how it is crochet at the picture. The description of how to crochet the grannies together is minimal and I think it is for someone more experienced
I found out that I made a mistake and I have to crochet the last row of the pile (left hand at the picture) of grannies over....

But I'm still enthusiastic about it. It is so easy to pick up.

I will keep you up posted about my progress...