Saturday, February 04, 2012

Baby hats for Nepal

Mirjam from the blog Hand, Have a nice Day wrote about the need of warm baby hats in Nepal. Well I thought if can knit Christmas balls I can knit baby hats too :-)
I had some left over yarn from this project (actually, I bought too much because I'm not an experienced knitter/crocheter and I have no idea how much yarn I need for a project)
I found this pattern on the Drops site. I love this site, they have very nice patterns!
and voila!...

Three baby hats.
It is so nice to discover at the age of 46 that beside knitting christmas balls, crocheting ducks, cycling very fast and competing men and winning , I can knit baby hats too :-)
If you want to donate to this project you have to be fast. It is closing at the end of february.