Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Op een zonnige dag

Hi, let me tell you what is going on here.

Today I started a new tile block. I have a love/hate affair with this project. I LOVE the technique. I cut the shapes free handed. When I start a block I don't know how it is finished. I just let it grow. It is fun to search in a scrap bag for the color and the shape you need. Freedom!
But I don't know if I will like the quilt when it is finished. It is so busy...

Look what's under the block. I'm using this book as a 'lap table' It is a very nice book. Let me show you a peek inside. (my daughter is using my lap table for her laptop :-/ So now I'm side tracked by this book :-)

Wish I had bedrooms like this, including quilts :-)

What's more on my garden table. A dishcloth project. A perfect project to take with you. A new color yarn is waiting for me. You can find the pattern at the drops site. (thank you Martine).

Ohh no, I have more on my garden table. I started this cross stitch during our trip to Texas. (not that I had time for it ;-)

And what do I have inside my house..
Look, next to my cycling shoes. Yes there is still my 'almost finished' quilt. If I'm going to work at it it will be finished soon.. yes,if..

At the other side of the couch is a bag with the ripple blanket for my daughter.

On top of this basket is my secret project. I hope it will be published and before that I can't show it you.
If you take a good look you see a part of a quilt I want to work on as soon as my 'almost finished' quilt is finished :-)

and yes... in between all my projects. (Looks like I'm out of control) I'm doing my chores, like the laundry etc.
Think I don't have to tell that there are living 3 daughters who love pink in this house ;-)


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