Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Doll quilt

About a week ago I was reading in some of my quilt books while it was poring rain outside.

Every time I came back to two doll quilts in the book: American Folk Art Quilts by Maggi McCormick
and I decided to play with the fabrics I bought last spring in Texas to make a nice memory of this trip.
I only had to add a few from my stash to get the feel I want. 

The plaid next to the blue fabric is an old dutch fabric :-) 

The backing is a fabric I bought in 1994! even before I ever made a quilt .

I choose this fabric for the binding. It is perfect in my opinion. Only I have just a little piece of it and I found it hard to use it as a binding. So I decided to make the binding from a single fabric strip so I had to cut less fabric from this piece. 

Sewing the binding on. 

I cross-hatched the squares and made circles on the border. 

...and Voila! Here it is, washed and dried in the dryer for the cozy look. Don't you think it is asking for a knitted bear ;-)