Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mittens and Quiltmania

A while ago I bought this booklet: I can't believe I'm knitting mittens.
Thought it was perfect for me :-) 

Indeed I was able to knit a mitten with the help from the book and the second one was even much easier. 
I lined it with a soft thin fleece so they are really warm.

Last week we went for a few days to Germany/ Eifel. It snowed and it was pretty cold. Perfect weather to try my new mittens !

The weather got me in the mood to knit christmas balls like I made last year.  I would love to have my tree full with knitted balls like Carlos and Arne have.

Have you seen the Quiltmania agenda 2013? 
I am pleasantly surprised that two of my quilts and one needlecase is published with a beautiful picture.

The agenda is lovely and has very cute small size.


Unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs here in the Netherlands right now. 
Not so nice for being outside :-/ 
So I will end this post with a picture I took in Germany/ Eifel with lovely cold weather.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Yes it's a bag!

I just finished my bag and to me it's a moment of: 'I never thought I could knit a cable bag'
To make it its a combination of this pattern and this. (I started with the small one and then decided to make it bigger. To only find out that for the bigger version you have to cast on less stitches... so now it is something in between those bags. I didn't increase the advised amount of stitches, that are so many stitches, more than half the amount of stitches which I had on my needle, not knowing how to do that. )
Used only one snap to close it instead of the buttons.
The yarn is Phildar Illico color Lichen. 
For this yarn is recommended needle size 7/8.  I used size 5 to make the bag feel sturdier.
Finally I sewed the linen with some pockets with a nice grey/blue check. (Oh I love this fabric so much, need to buy more of it :-) 
Well I'm ready to do some grocery shopping. (sort of feel like a little girl with her new schoolbag)