Friday, November 30, 2012

Backing, basting and a nice walk.

Since I like the backing fabric for my quilt so much I decided to sew a row in the middle of the backing this will create a big left over piece which I can use for another project.

What a surprise to find that printed line next to the selvage.

When I finished my backing my DH and I went out for a nice walk.

Doesn't this look like a dream house?  

Can you imagine these Dutch clogs on the shelf?

And this view inside the barn?

I love everything about this house except..... the front garden :-/.
This picture is taken at the same place I took the picture of the farm. I only turned 180ยบ

The clogs and nice view inside is not taken at that farm, I took them inside my favorite windmill 'De Zandhaas'.

When I got home I laid my backing, batting and top on the floor and I basted and basted till it was finished.

Done! I used Mountain Mist Cream Rose. Thank you so much for your response on my post before. I will keep you up posted about my experience with both battings.  

This is the same picture as above but the focus is on the background. There is my knitting project. This time a cowl for my daughter. The hat and mittens are already finished :-) 


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

In love with some new fabrics

I'm so in love with this fabric. It is for the backing of my quilt. It's so sweet. Even looking at it makes me smile. Can't wait to start hand quilting it :-)

 I found two different pieces of batting in my closet which I bought years ago in the US. It is Mountain Mist cream rose and Quilter's dream cotton request. I have never used these batting before. Do you have experience with them? Which one do you like better? I would love to hear your opinion. The batting I usually use is 100% cotton from Hobbs/Tuscany.

Just a pile with lovely fabrics ... 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Two finishes

Knitting feels to me like discovering a new world. This time I knitted a hat for my daughter. My other daughter likes it so much so right now I'm having another one on my needles.

And I finished my quilt. Yes! Right now I can't show you the whole thing. It is a little secret because Quiltmania is going to publish it. I don't know which issue but as soon as I know more I will let you know. 


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Almost a finish

I'm so proud on another publish.

Working on a binding means .... that I almost finished  a quilt, yeah!!