Sunday, January 13, 2013


Why is knitting so addictive when the weather is getting cold :-)

I knitted a new hat, a cowl and mittens for my daughter.
(Yarn: Lana Grossa Royal Tweed.)

and a friend for Rainier
(Yarn: Drops Alpaca.)



Annemieke said...

Gaaf je breiwerk. Gaat best snel zeker, lijkt me nogal dik en precies op tijd klaar met deze kou.
Rainier's vriendje is mooi gelukt. Hij lijkt me een beetje gesloten en ietje ouder dan Reinier. (altijd leuk om te bedenken hoe het karkater van een beer is, kan je altijd aan zijn of haar gezichtje zien ;)

regan said...

Your knitted projects are all so beautiful! Your daughter is very lucky to have such a talented mom!

Kathie said...

omg lucy the bear is just beyond cute! your really amazing me with your talent to knit
love your daughters new hat , cowl and mittens my DD's would be jealous if I showed them!

Dawn said...

Sweet little bears! I have one that was knit with tooth pick size needs from mohair - so precious.
I envy knitters!

Phyllis said...

I admire your knitting abilities! I knitted one Xmas ball this season, started during a workshop, and finished it at home, but now I just can't figure it out anymore...
Your daughter looks great in her new woollen accessories, just in time too! They look really warm and comfortable. And the bears are just toooooo sweet!

Marga (MarPie) said...

Heerlijk een vriendje voor Rainier.
Heel leuk de set voor je dochter en inderdaad precies op tijd.


Sue said...

I am really trying to get back into knitting.

The hat and cowl and mittens are very lovely!

Doniene said...

So wonderful!! I really, really, really want to learn to knit!! Love the little bears!!!

It has been cold here too! Just right for mittens!!

Rachel D. said...

Lovely projects, Lucy. I love the little bears and your daughter won't get cold during these freezing days (don't know for you but here it's getting colder every day).
Big hugs.

ria vogelzang said...

Echt prachtig!! En ze staan zo leuk!
Wat een lieve foto!
Bovendien een schattig stel beertjes!!!!!!!
Liefs, Ria.

pinewood said...

These look really snugly, love the bears. So hot here in New Zealand at the moment not knitting weather.

Sandra B said...

Your daughter looks lovely in her new knits. The teddies are cute!

Holly Field said...

Hello, You know, I checked this book out at the library, and was so tempted to make one of these adorable bears. I was put off by all the little pieces, but apparently it's worth it. I make have to check it out again. Or, I may change the pattern into circular knitting with tiny needles.... that might work! Your bears are so cute, and I love the sweater!

ganma said...

Can you please share where the pattern for the toboggan came from?

Lucy said...

I'm sorry I didn't use a pattern for it. I just knitted it myself.